Pottery Barn Kitchen Table

Since we have moved into our house, we have been in need of a new kitchen table.  The kitchen table we had was just way too large!  It seats six, which is way more than we need.  I’ve always admired this Pottery Barn Table, which seats a comfortable 4 and even has storage to boot!  Unfortunately I wasn’t about to spend $700 for a new kitchen table.  Luckily, I found an amazing website that shows you how to build your own furniture, including this table!  I was a bit intimidated at first, but once I got started, I was shocked at how easy and quickly this table came together.  I had everything measured, cut, and assembled in less than 1 1/2 hrs!

My dad was down for the weekend, helping us put the kitchen back together.  I was too anxious to get going on this fun little project, I couldn’t wait!  I also wanted to take advantage of the fact my dad was there so that he could help me if this project turned out to be more than I could handle.  But it wasn’t,  it was actually quite easy, and gave me confidence to start even more fun furniture building projects!

It didn’t take long before it looked like this!


Next we moved it inside to start painting.  I started by filling in all of the nail holes with wood filler, then quickly sanded the whole thing down to give it a nice smooth surface.  I then used Zinsser oil based primer, and let that dry.  Finally I used some leftover cupboard paint to finish it.  I used cupboard paint for two reasons…..1) it would match our cupboards in our kitchen, 2) cupboard paint dries with a hard enamel, so its easy to clean, and hard to chip.  This was perfect for a surface that would be used a lot.  You can add a coat of polyurethane for extra protection.  I haven’t yet, but will in the near future.



My first built piece of furniture!  Not too shabby eh?  I was very pleased with the final outcome!  I think I spent a total of $30 for this table, not bad compared to the $700 version!  I’ve had these chairs lying around somewhere out in the garage, that I bought at a thrift store for $30 for the pair.  I finally had a reason to dress these puppies up and move them on in!  I painted them with the same paint and just reupholstered the seats with some fabric I bought at Walmart.

But the fun didn’t stop there!  I pulled out my fall decor and started to create a centerpiece for my lovely new table.  I may mess with it a bit more, but I was pretty happy with this. On to the next project, which I think will be a headboard for my guest bedroom 🙂


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