Tis The Season!

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am that Christmas is creeping up on us already!  This year I plan on starting the celebration as soon as the leftover food from Thanksgiving hits the tupperware!  We plan on taking Olivia to the Christmas Tree farm to pick out our first christmas tree ever!  I’m sure to drive TJ mad with the excessive decorating, christmas music, and plans I have for this holiday, which makes it all that more fun!

I have some major plans before Christmas arrives.  I would really really love to finish the new mantel I plan on making.  We have the new tiles cut out and in place on the floor, which is framed in by the hardwood floor.  We just need to slap some thin set down and mortar down to finish the tiling.  Then I can finally start framing in the current mantel.  Its such an odd fireplace.  Its a gas fireplace embedded in not-so-attractive tile and edged with rounded sheet-roc (weird I know!)

It’s not pretty, but it does have potential!  As far as the gigantic hole in the middle of the wall?  Im debating on whether I should cover it with sheet-roc, fill it with shelves, or just make an enormous frame and cover it (a cool chalkboard in a beautiful frame, or maybe something with a beautiful vinyl decal)

Here is an inspirational photo of what I HOPE my fireplace will look like when its all said and done.

photo courtesy of: theletteredcottage.net

That way hopefully by the time Christmas rolls around I will have a beautiful new mantel, all decorated with Livi’s first stocking!  (we didn’t do a stocking last year 1) because we weren’t home for christmas, 2) we didn’t have a fireplace, 3) I didn’t feel tooooo bad about it cause she wasn’t going to remember whether she did or didn’t.  But this year will be different!  First house, first christmas tree, first fireplace, and first stalkings as a family!

Let the holidays begin!


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