Pottery Barn Headboard

After finishing up the kitchen table, and realized just how easy it was to make my own furniture, I could hardly wait to begin the next project. Thanks to Ana over at ana-white.com, I have many exciting projects on my list of things to do. I highly urge you to check out her website. Just a few projects on my list of things to make after this headboard are:

PB's Logan Media Suite

I would love to have this piece in my living room!  I think I may have even talked my dad into making one for his house!  Can’t wait to get started on this project!









PB's Brady Entryway Bench

I’m hoping this will fit in my entryway.  It will be so nice to have a place to sit while we take shoes on/off.  It has ample storage for coats, shoes, keys, and much more! Since our entryway is pretty dark, I were thinking about painting it with some color rather than a dark stain or black paint.  I was thinking something alongthe lines of this:  thikning kiwi??the lines of this: thinking kiwi??






PB Kid's Larkin Armoire



This of course would be for Olivia’s room.  I recently just moved her crib into her closet.  I now have nowhere to hang her jackets or other clothes that were in there.  I plan on painting this black so it will match the rest of her room






PB's Classic Double Sink Console

This is for the master bath.  We got rid of the old vanity because it was practically falling apart on us.  There was only one sink in the old one, but we have room and the plumbing for two sinks.  I never realized just how expensive double vanities, counters, and sinks were….I was SHOCKED!  So I figured I could figure out a way to build mine.  Unfortunately there were no plans over at Ana-White.com, but I know how to use the same program that she uses.  I’m fairly confident I can design something easy to build……my 5 years in architecture might be paying off after all!

They are quite ambitious! I know, but I’m excited for the challenge, and even more excited to brag about how I made my own PB furniture! Thanks Ana!





But anywho, the headboard was a cinch to make. It took me an hour and a half to measure cut and assemble it all by myself. I went to Lowes and got all of my white board there. I tried to grab the most intriguing, knotty, banged up white boards that they had. They didn’t have a 2×4 in white board, so I just grabbed a piece of framing lumber that looked pretty white and knotty as well. When all was said and done I had spent $70. I decided to use leftover stain and polyurethane from the countertops.

Sorry for such the poor images. I took these at night in the garage, and unfortunately its poor lighting out there.

I had some leftover special walnut stain that i used. But I’m thinking I may sell this headboard on craigslist, and make another one and stain it using dark walnut. I didn’t get quite the look I was looking for, but it will do for now. Anybody interested in a headboard???? 😉

Here is the headboard after 4 coats of stain. I promise to post the final picture of the headboard with its final coat of shiny polyurethane and once its all settled into its new home in the guest bedroom! so stay tuned!


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