Dad Needs Help!

I was so excited when my dad and step-mom told me they were thinking about fixing up their house. I couldn’t help myself, but jump right in and start suggesting ideas. My dad and I spent three long, but fun hours on skype, talking about what they could do to that house, and for not much money.

I sent my dad away from his computer on multiple trips to take various photos of his house, particalarly the living room. He sent the photos to me by text, and I downloaded them onto my computer. I believe we got off and said goodnight to one another around 10 or 11, but I was too excited to go to sleep. I started working in photoshop with the images he had sent me to show him and Margi just what they could do with their house. When I finished I looked up and realized it was past 1 in the morning! Man does time fly when your having fun!

Here is the photo my dad sent me

Margi wanted to see what it would look like with a light blue color on the walls. She was tired of it being so dark in their living room, and wanted a brighter/cheery color to change things up. I quickly changed the color on the wall to show her some different blues that could be used, and she really liked this one

Much better! I then also pointed out to her that we could do a contrast wall, something that used a different color. Since the wall opposite of the staircase would have a huge entertainment center, I thought it would be a good idea to make the stair wall a slightly darker color from the rest of the room, highlighting all of the family photos that will jogg up the stair wall.

We finally had a winner!

Margi and Dad both loved it. Next step is bringing it to life. I am so excited to head home for a few days during christmas break to help paint the stairs and walls, and maybe the door too! That alone will change the room soooo much! Hopefully soon after, some dark wood floors! Can’t wait to see the room completely finished! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on updates!

One Response to “Dad Needs Help!”
  1. Michael Laird says:

    WOW! We can’t wait to bring this new image to life in our home! Thanks so much for showing us what it can look like. Love dad

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