The Laird Job

It’s finally here!  Our episode finally aired this last Saturday!  I can’t even begin to express how excited I was 🙂

It was a total fluke on how I found out it was airing.  It was friday (the day before it was airing), and I was curious as to when the show would be airing.  The network said that they were guessing it would be sometime in March, and would contact me to let me know the exact dates once they knew.  Well, I hadn’t heard anything since they left Eugene back in September, and was getting kind of curious.  I randomly decided to google it and see if I could find anything out about it.  I was shocked to find that it was airing the very next day!!!!

What luck!!!  I started calling all of my family and friends letting them know as I promised I would.   Come to find out, the network did in fact send me an email, but it was sent to my junk mail, and accidently deleted.

We had a small viewing party at TJ’s parent’s house since we didn’t get the DIY network.  I was jumping up and down with excitement!  I won’t lie I was a bit nervous.  They had filmed over 4,000 minutes and crunched it down to 20!  Can you believe that?  That is quite some editing.  But with only 20 minutes, they could make me out to be anyway they wanted with all the footage they had.  But it turned out great, I thought they did a fantastic job with what they put together.

Just FYI those poses we HAD to do.  I was so embarrassed to watch our ridiculous poses on tv!  Not to mention some of silly lines they made me say at the end.  “This renovation was shocking……every renovation needs a Dad on speed dial….But that’s part of the show.   (and don’t worry, I’m not that cheesy in real life.

It’s been fun hearing from everyone who watched the show!  We got so many great compliments on the kitchen, so thank you all!

I’ll be posting some step-by-steps on what we did in the kitchen for those of you who were curious!

And if you were one of the unfortunate ones who don’t get the DIY network,  I’ll be posting the online link soon, so stay tuned!

Here are some fun photos that I’ve been wanting to post, but couldn’t until the show aired!  It was very challenging at times, a lot of fun, but I’m glad its all done!

Dad giving me behind the scenes hints! (shhh, it was a big no-no)

Look at the nasty mold! It stunk sooo bad!

Our lovely walls covered with cob webs, and cigarette smoke..icky!

Camera crew left for the night, and left the camera running to film TJ and I finish the kitchen floors

All done!

Dad to the rescue!….again!  Installing my new pendant lights! Yippee!!!!

Dale, the sound tech, and our drying countertops

One Response to “The Laird Job”
  1. Marla Betz says:

    Yes i would love to know what kind of stain you uses for the butcher block. I loved the show.

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