Guest Bedroom

I finally got started on putting the guest bedroom together. My dad drives over 3 hours down to Eugene, from Seaside, all the time to help out with the house. He would sleep on a blow-up mattress, on the floor, surrounded by tools, and junk that wasn’t unpacked yet. I figured that probably wasn’t the best way to go if I wanted him to keep coming down to visit and help out! So I decided I finally needed to start working on the guest bedroom so that I could keep luring him down to Eugene!

Once the headboard was done, I went out and bought a REAL mattress (I already had a box spring and frame). I also needed some new linens. I wanted something with a Pottery Barn look for a about $20-$30. Far fetched, I know, but I kept looking! Lo and behold, I found just the thing at Ross! It was an 8 piece set for under $30!! (Awesome!!) I loved the color and the design on it, and it looked great with the headboard I made. I pulled in some lamps, and stools that I had (just to hold the spot until I could make some bedside tables like these)

I of course would stain them the same color as the headboard to match!

I took one of the green shams in to Jerry’s to get a color match for paint. I wanted to paint the wall behind the bed in the same green and the other three walls in a lighter shade of green. The dark green turned out perfect, but trying to find the lighter green was trickier (not sure if you can tell the weird minty green tested on the far wall)

I have some more work to do, but its coming along. I still need to hang some curtains, make the bedside tables, add some pictures to the walls, and maybe some cute little candles to run across the top of the headboard!

4 Responses to “Guest Bedroom”
  1. Jessica Uhlenkott says:

    Look beautiful Amanda! Did you put carpet in the room also?

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