Kitchen Breakdown

A lot of people were curious about the cost of the kitchen and how it was broken down.  I’m more than happy to share it with those of you who are wondering!

Our old cabinets were in great shape!  They just needed a new face lift.  I knew that I wanted to paint them white (to help brighten up the kitchen) and add some hardware.  I found a great deal on some silver knobs and pulls on craigslook (a nation wide search version of craigslist).  I got 30 brand new pieces of hardware for just $30!


We sanded down all the cabinets, and primed them with Zinsser 123.  Then we put 2 coats of white cupboard paint on.



I decided to go with bead board backsplash, and that would also wrap around the breakfast bar.



We supported the breakfast bar with heavy duty metal brakets, and disguised them with these wooden ones that I found for $10 at Home Depot.  I decided to carry these throughout the kitchen under the upper cabinets.

I got all of the new lighting at Ikea (both the pendant lights and the under cabinet lighting) The best $40 spent in the entire kitchen I LOVE LOVE LOVE my under cabinet lights!

The microwave was a christmas present from my father, but just so you know he got it on sale at Home Depot for only $100!

We got the new dishwasher ($25) and Kohler sink ($20) at a garage sale.

The counter tops were from Ikea.  We spent about $700 for the butcher block.  

And last but not least, the bamboo floors!  I can’t rave enough about these floors….I love them!  They are a click strand bamboo.  Meaning they just click together, no nailing, no gluing.  Its sooooo simple!  We spend about $3000 on wood floors for the entire house, so I’m guessing that about $500 of that is in the kitchen.

Grand Total: $2305

countertops: $700

floors: $500

cabinet paint: $120

cabinet knobs: $30

pendant lights: $60

under cabinet lights: $40

kitchen sink: $20

faucet: $120

dishwasher: $25

beadboard: $60

wooden brackets: $60

trim: $30

wiring, boxes, and switches for new lights: $50

and about $500 in smaller things (caulking, wood filler, sand paper, nails, paint brushes, stain and sealer for countertops, and some plywood to make a new box for one of the base cupboards that was rotten)

2 Responses to “Kitchen Breakdown”
  1. Bonnie says:

    Hi Amanda,
    Just read your kitchen costs post and you mentioned using cabinet paint. Could you elaborate on this? We have been using Kilz latex primer and Valspar semi gloss on the trim and doors. I was going to use the same on the cabs and beadboard but have been reading about Kilz no sand oiled based primer. I have not heard of cabinet paint and may want to look into this. My son is going to buy a sprayer for us to use on the doors.

    • Amanda Laird says:

      Sure thing Bonnie, We used Ace Cabinet Door and Trim Paint. It worked pretty well. It was the cheapest of the two choices they had at the hardware store. The other was double the cost per can, but I’m sure if you’re willing to put that kind of money into it, they will turn out great! Your paying money for your paint brush strokes not to be seen. But the Ace paint worked just fine for us. Hope this helps (sorry I can’t remember the name of the higher end kind of paint, but I can find out if you’d like)

      Good Luck!

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