Olivia’s Armoire

So TJ and I finally decided to tackle the armoire that I want to build for Olivia’s room.  I fell in love with the Pottery Barn Kids Armoire they had for sale, but not so much in love with their price.  As you may know from past posts, I got these amazing plans from Ana White that shows me step by step how to make the exact same armoire.  Since I put Olivia’s bed in her closet nook, I needed someplace I could hang her jackets and dresses.  Currently they are in the guest bedroom, but once I finish this armoire, I’ll be able to have it all back in her bedroom.  Here are just a few photos we took while making “the box”

Building the box was pretty easy. Actually the whole thing so far has been pretty simple.

The true test:  is it level?  YES!

Not bad for a few hours of work.  We got all of the trim on, so now all that is left is to do is put the doors on, make the drawers, and paint it!  Since all of the furniture in Olivia’s room is black, I will be painting her armoire black as well. Last night I just put some wood filler in all the nail holes, and will hopefully start painting today.  I’m hoping to have the final photos up later this week!  So keep your eyes peeled for some flashy new photos of Olivia’s Armoire!


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