Busy Building!

Last weekend I was ultra motivated to get some things built!   I finally decided it was time to tackle Olivia’s Nook.  First, let me say that when we first saw the house, this little nook was the most odd use of space.  We weren’t quite sure what it was for.  The realtor guessed that it was a computer nook.  But I was hoping to do something better with it.  I thought it would make a really cute reading nook for Olivia.  We had the room completely renovated, with the new wood floors and all when we realized a huge puddle on the floor!

The garden hose is directly on the other side of the wall and was leaking to the inside.  We had to tear into the drywall, fix it, and re-patch it.  We figured it would cost around $100 to have a guy come out and professionally finish patching it, and then texture it (we have odd texture and had hire that out earlier in the renovation).  Rather than spending that much money on somebody to come texture it, I figured we could build a window seat instead.

I found an awesome place that sells discount plywood.  We got two 4×8 pieces of particle board for $15, and started to make our window seat.  I’m the type of person who figures things out as we go…..drives TJ crazy!  But we did a pretty good job.  Here is what we did!

We started by placing a 2′ x 6′ piece of particle board on the floor.  We then nailed the back and the sides to the wall.  Next we took 4 pieces of 2x4s and nailed them together in a square.  We then nailed the 2×4 square to the back wall.  Next, we attached two pieces of particle board on either side to create two smaller compartments.

After that, we put the front on, and put trim around the edges.  Cut two tops, and screwed the hinges on.  Now all that’s left to do is paint it and make a cushion!

It’s already filled with Olivia’s toys that took over the room.  I love how deep these are!  I probably made the seat a little too high, but you have a great view out the window, and all that clutter it hides….gotta love it!

But of course, the next day, rather than finishing this, I had to start yet another project!  Knowing that if I got some things built over the weekend, I could paint them throughout the week, in between Livi nap times and homework.

The next day I decided to build a nice sized bookshelf to put next to the window seat that would house Olivia’s astonishing collection of books!  I once again got the amazing plans from Ana White.  Thanks Ana!!!  I built Pottery Barn’s Cameron Bookshelf…..otherwise for $300, which I built for $50 …once again, gotta love it!

Sorry I didn’t take many photos of my progress.  I need to do a better job at doing that.  I just get so wrapped up in what I’m doing, and go go go, I forget to stop and take some snapshots!

I’ll be sure to post the final product of both the bookshelf and the window seat soon!

2 Responses to “Busy Building!”
  1. Cayden says:

    Marc Brilliant! I love this videos and I love the fact you’re so prepared before shooting the video so that you speak fast, clear, without un-necessary pauses, really is refreshing cause most people i’ve been watching who do tutorials speak SO DAMN SLOW! makes me want to pull my hair out! hehe (not liy)Aallyernywats, have you had any kind of professional training for voice-overs or speaking? or maybe toast masters? how can I improve my voice to be fast, efficient, clear and easy to understand, but also focused?Thanks

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