Finally! I have kitchen photos.  Thanks for being so patient, I just didn’t want to post pictures until we were completely finished.  So without further ado, I give you the newly remodeled kitchen!

(sorry we didnt have more before photos, we weren’t thinking, but we have learned our lesson….always take BEFORE and after photos)

Here is the new breakfast bar we put in!  It was just a half-wall with no lights up above.  We cut down the half-wall and added the countertop for the bar, and ran wiring through the ceiling to drop in two new light pendants ($30 each at ikea!)  We still need some stools, I’m just debating on whether I should make them or try to find a good buy somewhere.

We kept the same cupboards as before, just painted them white, and added some hardware I found online for $1 a piece!

My amazing dad (as many of you already know) found this Kohler sink at a garage sale for $20 BOOYA!  The countertops are butcher block counters from Ikea.  They took a lot of prep though! Sanding, Conditioning, Staining, and Sealing….but it was soooo worth it!

I know its a lot of white.  Maybe someday stainless steel appliances will replace the old ones….and maybe a different/darker wall color to put above the upper cupboards.  Any thoughts?

2 Responses to “Kitchen”
  1. Karen M says:

    I think that the white cabinets are beautiful, and I was actually just considering a butcher block counter top for our bar in our own home. 🙂 As for the wall color, with such a small space, you could do a darker taupe, but I wouldn’t go too dark…Or maybe you could do a yellow? Just a couple of thoughts. I always feel like kitchens need to be warm and inviting. You did wonderfully, I can’t wait to see the episode. When will it air?

    • roxygurl189 says:

      It airs sometime in March. All I know is we are episode 601, first episode of season 6. But thats for DIY network. It wont air on HGTV till next fall i believe. They are a few months behind on seasons

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